By being part of the Clan MacDougall Society of North America, Clans MacDougall and MacDowall are proud members of CASSOC and COSCA
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Better than gold is a tale rightly told...

So goes one of many Scottish proverbs, and how appropriate it is. There are many people of MacDougall and MacDowall descent around the world, and there are countless pieces of information that exist. This site will focus on the Canadian history that has been developed by our ancestors, and through the experiences we have in the present day. It will also extend to cover areas that we may visit, and/or include people or subjects we may like to learn more about. Most importantly though, this is a way for MacDougalls and MacDowalls to connect from one end of the country to the other. From British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador, with all of the provinces and territories in between. Please let us know about any tales, pictures or videos you would like posted to the site. Share your story.

The intent is for the site to be a hub for all of us, and we can play an active role in helping each other to learn more... about who we are, and about our experiences in life.

Please note that this site is operated by members of the Clan MacDougall Society of North America

We exceeded our goals! Thank you for your support!

Dunollie has recently undergone an extensive restoration, funded primarily by Historic Scotland, but assisted in part by members and supporters of the Clan MacDougall Society of North America. Our goal was to raise $25,000 US, but when the campaign had concluded, we had beaten that mark by a significant amount.



Why go with a Dark Theme?

After utilizing a light colour theme for a while on the site, one may wonder why change at all. We decided it was time to appropriately honour the two Dubhgalls (Dougall and Duegald), the founders of our respective Clans, and whose name means 'dark stranger.' For we are all the sons and daughters of Dubhgall, which is reflected in the names MacDougall and MacDowall. Even more than before, this theme identifies with the Raven Flag with the dark blue and golden yellow depicted there.


Support our fellow Clansfolk!

Tim McDougall, born in Nova Scotia and living in Manitoba, has been sharing his Scottish pride online, and we are happy to support kith and kin like him in their endeavours.

Check out his pages below! 

Sons of Dougall Facebook Page - Tim, a fellow Son of Dougall, shares his pride on all matters related to the Clan. Check it out!

I Am a Son of Dougall - Tim has also started his own blog page. Show your support and watch his site flourish!


Ever wanted to know the meaning of certain words?

Send us your word that you think is Gaelic or Celtic in nature and we will research its meaning and connect it with our ever-growing list in the "Words from our Past" section in History.


Support your Heritage!

This upcoming summer, Clans MacDougall and MacDowall hope to represent our Canadian members at the following events (2016)

Victoria Highland Games - May 22nd and 23rd

Embro Highland Games - July 1st

Kincardine Scottish Festival - July 2nd

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (Linville, North Carolina) - July 10th - 12th

Orillia Scottish Festival - July 16th

Fergus Scottish Festival - August 13th

Enjoy the day at your local Highland Games this year, or make it part of your summer to explore new ones.



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