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The Armored Arm: A person with qualities of leadership

The Cross:  Actually called a “Cross Crosslet Fitchee”, this cross is actually (4) crosses, and a combination of the cross and sword.

The (4) crosses symbolize the fourfold mystery of the cross and/or spreading the four gospels to the four corners of the earth. This is said to be a symbol of the Crusaders, as the crusaders would carry large crosses with pointed ends so they could easily stick them into the ground , kneel and pray before battle.

The combination of the cross and sword is also considered a symbol of unshakable faith and defenders of the faith.

The colour of the cross being red, symbolizes a Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity.

The “Cap” that the Armored Arm rests on is call the “Cap of Maintenance” and was granted to Scottish Barons (or Lords) (shown on the Badge).



The lions are symbolic of the descent from the Scottish Kings of ancient Dal Riada (Dal Riada was the ancient name for ancient Kingdom of Northeastern Ireland and Western Scotland).

The Black Galleys are called the Black Galleys of Lorn symbolizing descent from the royal house of the Norse (the King of Norway).



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