Please check back soon as we add a variety of famous individuals with the last name MacDougall, or one of the clan's many septs/surnames. Click on any of the pictures for a PDF article of the individual in question.

William McDougall - Politician


Laughie McDougall - Farmer, Weather Analyst

A good article on the winds of Wreck House can be found here.


John R. McDougall - Head of the National Research Council


Frank MacDougall - Forest Ranger


James McDougall - Explorer, Fur Trader


James Dougall - Politician, Merchant


George McCowan - Filmmaker


John Alexander McDougall - Politician, Councillor, Mayor



John Angus "Bud" McDougald - Businessman


Gwendolyn MacEwen - Poet, Novelist


Sir Francis Leopold McClintock - Arctic Explorer

There is an interesting profile on him here from the University of Calgary, and you can download his book based on the expedition from Project Gutenberg here for free.


Grant MacEwan - Professor, Politician, Lieutenant Governor


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