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New Hampshire

The MacDowell Colony - A farm purchased in 1896 by composer Edward MacDowell and pianist Marian MacDowell, it is now a community where artists can work in the company of their peers. Home to 32 different studios and having served over 6,000 artists, it was honoured in 1997 with the National Medal of Arts for "nurturing and inspiring many of this century's finest artists." It can be found using the map here. The picture below was taken by David Licata, during his residency at the Colony. More photos of the site that he took can be found here.



West Virginia

McDowell CountyThe land that became McDowell was originally part of Tazewell County, Virginia. The population was estimated at approximately 21,000 for 2012, and the county seat is located in Welch. McDowell county is geographically the southernmost county in the state. It was created in 1858 by the Virginia General Assembly and named for Virginia Governor James McDowell. It became a part of West Virginia in 1863, when several counties seceded from the state of Virginia during the American Civil War. McDowell County was also home of the famous Rocket Boys, who were from Coalwood.



North Carolina

McDowell CountyIn 1748, "Hunting" John McDowell received a land grant for property known today as "Pleasant Gardens," including acreage originally located from Swan's Pond (Catawba County) up the Catawba River. During a hunting expedition with his friend Henry Weidner, the two came upon a lush green valley with thousands upon thousands of acres of virgin forest. During that time, it was customary when settling a dispute to engage in a "friendly" wrestling match. McDowell came out the winner. "Hunting" John McDowell received two land grants and after establishing residence along the Catawba River of Pleasant Gardens, raised his family. 

His son, Joseph McDowell, is noted in history as a significant contributor to the Battle at Kings Mountain. McDowell County is named in his honour. Today, his home stands as one of the few remaining homes in North Carolina still standing and built by its namesake



McDowell - A location in Floyd County.

Dr. Ephraim McDowell House - Declared a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1966, Ephraim was an American physician who lived from 1771 to 1830. He operated out of his house as a surgeon and apothecary, being the first person to ever successfully remove an ovarian tumor.



Fort McDowell - An unincorporated community in Maricopa County, and is located 23 miles northeast of Phoenix. 

McDowell Mountains - Located about twenty miles north-east of downtown Phoenix, the mountain range serves as a sacred marker for the Yavapai people.




Dowell - A village in Jackson County, with a population of 441 according to the last census.



Dowell - A small rural community in Calvert County, located to the north of Solomons.



McDougal - A town in Clay County, with a population in 2010 of only 186 according to census results.



McDougald Township - Located in Lake of the Woods County. 



Camp McDowell - A camp and conference centre for the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Alabama. Situated on 1,140 acres of forests and fields with canyons and waterfalls on site.


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