Searching for some information that may assist with genealogy, or perhaps looking to explore your heritage? Unfortunately the Internet is replete with erroneous information, but there are quality websites too.  Here are a few links that should be of assistance to you:

Clan MacDougall Society (Great Britain, Eire, Europe) - A volunteer, non-profit organization that supports and promotes Clan MacDougall

Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) - Foundation supporting Scottish Clan organizations and Scottish heritage

Dunollie - Website of the chief of Clan MacDougall

Clan MacDougall Society of North America - A volunteer, non-profit organization that supports and promotes Clan MacDougall and Clan MacDowall in North America

Federation of Scottish Culture in Nova Scotia - Celebrating and perpetuating the cultural, linguistic, literary, athletic and artistic heritage and traditions of Nova Scotia's diverse Scottish communities

Electric Scotland - A good place to start looking for anything Scottish

Heritage of Scotland - A good primer for Scottish culture

Historic Scotland - The site for all of Scotland's heritage designations and attractions

Rampant Scotland - Check here first for any links to Scottish related topics (they have more than 13,000)

Scotlands People - The official Scottish genealogy resource

Scottish and Celtic Games/Festivals - A listing of all Games/Festivals in Canada divided by province

Scottish Tartans Authority - An excellent place to check out for people from around the world interested in purchasing Highland wear

Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs - A place to search for Clan connections by checking your last name or the town in which you live

The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals - A listing of Games and Festivals throughout the U.S.A. for every month of the year

Wearing Highland Dress - How to wear modern Highland wear, with a link to ancient wear as well

Wearing the Great Kilt - How to wear and store the Great kilt

Web views of Scotland - Check out famous locations in Scotland through the use of live webcams

Struileag: Shore to Shore - History isn't a thing of the past, we are making it now. Become part of the story!

Sons of Dougall Facebook Page - Tim, a fellow son of Dougall, shares his pride on all matters related to the Clan. Check it out!

I Am a Son of Dougall - Tim has also started his own blog page. Show your support and check it out!

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